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With a high degree of practical knowledge and numerous additional qualifications of different software and hardware vendors can demand recourse both to theorists as well as practitioners.
We also offer as a 
training company of IHK (since 1996) several apprentices and trainees perspectives interesting insights into IT workflows.
In recent years, about 40 apprentices have successfully graduated here.

CEO, economic computer scientist, Master of Arts and business graduate(Univ.) Stefan Spörrer is a lecturer at the Technical University and has additional qualifications : legal training, Certified Novell Administrator (CNA), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), VSP, VTSP, VMSP, tested QMF (TÜV) and Certified Data Protection Supervisor (RKW Bayern). Currently, we have several Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) und Microsoft Certified Engineer (MCSE) and VMWARE- und VEEAM-certified employees in our company.

Mission Statement

We are driven by the guiding principle, to be a professional partner for IT solutions, which is characterized by high quality and sustainability. We fulfil customer demands better than our competitors. We always act consistently – our word count for much. We have clear objectives that are actively pursued. We are small enough for personal contacts, which pass over hierarchies and functions – that makes our work flexible and dynamic. But we are also large enough to make tools and structures professionally. Customers love us because we are simply not a concern.

The origin of our company began years ago – in application development. This is the reason why we have a unique take on resolving the specific IT problems our customers may experience and a mature methodological expertise to solve them. We are visionaries and trailblazers for innovative action in the industry. We recognize the needs of our customers at an early stage and are working out the products and solutions of tomorrow, so our costumers are able to evaluate and develop. Our mark is that we integrate products from selected partners and offer solutions which we are convinced of. In the field of IT-Tasking and IT-Outsourcing we are an innovation leader of standards in technology and service, which are based on optimal customer benefit and requirements. Customer satisfaction ensures our business success.

Our prices are transparent and easily available online. But we are also pleased to get you the right products as an extension of your purchase. We relieve midsize companies of their IT problems, make work faster, powerful and flexible. As a result, your company is prepared for the future. The biggest enemy in the future is the success in the present. Efficiency is not achieved through patchwork – return on investment and total cost of ownership are key words in our IT operation concepts. Green IT, Service Level Agreement, risk and compliance and business continuity are our proficiencies. Our CEO has the suitable German standard on the subject of business continuity management ISO 22301 and other standards in information technology. The textbook is available under ISBN 978-3942720502 in all bookstores on foot and online.

Qualified and motivated employees who enjoy working are the central building block for customer satisfaction and are responsible for the business success of companies in the SPOERRER.IT® composite. We encourage competence, creativity, personal responsibility and commitment of our employees. They are among the best compared to the competition. Every employee represents the company towards our customers. Employee concerns are equally important economic objectives. Employees are kept informed of significant events and the state of the company.

Whether our work is for defence industry, manufacturing, automotive or federal authorities, we surpass customer expectations with competence and experience. Our customers are the focus of activities. We understand their needs and meet the highest demands in different applications and systems. We are working on optimal solutions with our customers. We maintain an open and cooperative dialogue. We serve all our customers with same commitment and quality. Service should be noticeable by our customers. We achieve this by responding competently, quickly and flexibly to their concerns. The aim is a long-term partnership for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Trust, loyalty, transparency, fairness, reliability and respect mark the contact within the companyand the relationship to the outside, with customers and partners. We are a reliable, predictable, high-performance and innovative partner. We express appreciation to our employees, business partners and customers in our daily activities. Profit is not an end in itself for us. Profits are necessary to keep the company healthy, secure jobs and create new ones, to allow the expansion of business and social activities. We operate internationally and without blinkers. This requires openness towards other cultures, opinions and beliefs.

For us, responsibility means to comply on agreed deadlines and commitments towards our customers – and to offer good working conditions to our employees. But responsibility also means to see the big picture. We see ourselves as part of our common world and its people, so we take responsibility for benefits
to our society, our employees and their families and our environment. We feel closely connected to our living space. Sustainability is at the forefront of our activities.

We avoid proprietary isolated applications – and expensive follow-on investments. We exclusively rely on future-proof solutions that are based on industry and trade-proven standards. We only sell solutions that are successful in use by us or our customers, and have passed all our tests.

Our team always has the perfect solution for your business. We rely on short distances, clear responsibilities and efficient interfaces.
Our team can provide the following:

  • Economic Computer Scientist
  • IT system specialists
  • Application Development IT specialists
  • Systems Integration IT specialists
  • Electricians
  • IT consultants and doctoral
  • Experts
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP)
  • Novell Certified Professionals (CNA)
  • VMWARE Sales Professional
  • VMWARE Technical Sales Professional
  • VMWARE Solution Provider
  • VEEAM Sales Professional
  • Certified Data Protection Supervisor (RKW)

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Stefan Spörrer
Stefan SpörrerCEO
Mario Kischporski
Mario KischporskiOperational manager